June, 2019

Ex-Mandurah photographer’s festival prank goes viral

A look-a-like prank from an ex-Mandurah resident Jarrad Seng has gone viral on the internet.People who thought they took a selfie with US DJ Steve Aoki at music festival in Perth on Saturday could be in for a rude surprise following a virallook-a-like prank from an ex-Mandurah resident.
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After being constantly told he looked like US DJ Steve Aoki, photographer Jarrad Seng decided to take the likeness one step further by putting on a fake beard and dressing up as him and going to Stereosonic festival where he was headlining.

He filmed the whole thing with the help of a few friends and since then the video gone viral on the internet. It has since had more than a million views across a number of platforms and the post on his Facebook page had received close to 19,000 likes on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Seng said while he wasn’t surprised by how many people believed he was Steve Aoki, he was surprised at how much attention the video garnered.

“Holy moly what have I got myself into now. I woke up to about a million views on the video across the board and stories on Buzzfeed, The LAD Bible, Pedestrian, Elite Daily, Triple J, Channel V, Fairfax Media, The Australian and more,” he posted to his Facebook page today.

He said things got a bit more awkward when he was walking around Steve Aoki and he heard “What’s up Perth, this is Steve Aoki” blare out from the main stage.

“That was messing with people’s minds a bit and I thought I should probably head to a different area.”

But, he didn’t and then despite people started to realise he wasn’t who he appeared to be Mr Seng joined the revellers for the set, doing some crowd surfing in the process.

Watch: See how Jarrad Seng’s Stereosonic prank played out below.

Jarrad said he had an idea he though would be funny to dress up as Steve Aoki but, that he didn’t mean any disrespect to the DJ or fans.

“A friend of mine mentioned it to him following the concert and he said he did see me out in the crowd.

“I hope it doesn’t overshadow his performances,” Mr Seng said.

“I’m also sorry to everyone who was fooled. I feel a bit bad but hopefully they can see the funny side,” he said.

Mr Seng, who grew up in Mandurah,is now making a name for himself as a photographer and director.

He’s toured with Passenger and filmed several of their music videos. He’s also worked with Ed Sheeran and toured with Matchbox 20 and had photographic exhibitions in Perth and Sydney.

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Survivor urging others to seek help

ANGIE Donohue is to be commended for her bravery and resilience.
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The Tasmanian woman has publicly encouraged other women in abusive or violent relationships to speak up and get help.

Ms Donohue’s former husband Darryl Scott Donohue was convicted this week of trying to arrange for a hit man to kill her – for the second time.

He first tried to arrange her death in 2012 and was convicted and jailed in February 2013.

Undeterred, he again tried to organise from Risdon Prison for someone to kill his former wife.

After a trial in the Supreme Court, Donohue was again found guilty of two counts of having incited another person to murder.

While her case is unique, Ms Donohue’s message to women in similarly violent or abusive relationships is worthy of wide repetition.

“The message to anyone out there who is going through something like this is that keeping silent is one of the worst things you can do,” she told The Examiner.

“Go and get help. Not just for your sake, but for your children’s sake too.”

Sadly, domestic violence, particularly against women and children, is not uncommon in Australian society.

The main cause of homelessness for women is domestic violence, which is also the leading cause of disability and death for women aged 15-44.

One in five adult women has been stalked in their life. One woman will be killed each week by their partner.

Even for survivors, the impacts can be devastating and long lasting. Ms Donohue herself still lives in fear, despite her husband being behind bars.

We often call on people who experience domestic violence to “just leave”.

While it’s not as simple at that – and getting told so by a newspaper editorial rather over simplifies what must be a dreadful and stressful situation – it really is the only option.

That is why hearing it from someone who has experienced one of the most serious forms of domestic violence – a threat to kill – shows there is a way out.

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Doubts ‘vital’ state TV show will be missed

SHOULD the gentle reader have nought to do of a Friday evening may we suggest plumping the couch cushions before watching ABC’s current affairs program, 7.30 Tasmania?
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That is unless it has already disappeared without notice.

For with the ABC’s proposed budget cuts this may well be not only the last opportunity to view the magazine-style offering but permit it to go out on a high with the number of viewers boosted to several hundred.

No, not several hundred thousand watchers . . . just several hundred.

Indeed, a word of caution here as any sense of eager anticipation of a televisual feast may be somewhat blunted by chosen subject matter.

Last Friday, for example, the lead issue was health risks associated with soft cheese manufacture.

ABC producers obviously reckoned this was the whey to go.

With news that the ABC is to drop 7.30 Tasmania in 2015 as part of slashing $245 million over five years from its $1.2 billion annual budget, this correspondent launched himself on to the couch to report on what the viewer will miss on 7.30 Tasmania if it fails to reappear.

The answer is — nothing really.

There are, we are forced to admit, so many other ways to spend an evening marking the end of the working week than worry over whether dairy products should, or should not, be made from raw milk owing to health issues, or deal with “exclusive footage” of a Tasmanian devil digesting a Cape Barren goose on Maria Island. We kid you not.

Considering that, during last week state public servants struck for a day, Senator Jacqui Lambie left the PUP kennel, the closure of Deloraine’s Ashley youth detention centre was mooted and TasRail and TasPorts are rumoured to amalgamate, 7.30 Tasmania’s concerns that the digestive habits of indigenous marsupials and the making of dairy products were more important, it is no wonder gimlet-eyed ABC bean-counters have felt justified in chopping this sort of nonsense.

How curious, then, Greens’ MP Nick McKim’s plea to save 7.30 Tasmania because it is “vital to Tasmanian democracy”.

With the environmentalists’ party dreaming of a rural idyll, perhaps Mr McKim assumes that the cheese-makers will inherit the earth.

It is all so sadly symptomatic of the current ABC.

Apart from programs such as 7.30 Tasmania not returning in the new year, other iconic features have already knocked off for 10 weeks.

ABC Media Watch presenter Paul Barry has left the media to soldier on without the program’s 15-strong staff producing their 13 minutes of television a week.

Four Corners’ Kerry O’Brien has gone, as have Q&A, Compass, Catalyst, Landline and Australian Story, all of whom are on a “well-earned break” until late January.

You wonder how the ABC, staring at that $245 million annual drop in revenue over five years, and the loss of 400 employees from what has been described as a “bloated workers’ collective”, can still knock off so early.

Emboldened to levels higher than Mt Ossa in attempting to highlight waste on the airwaves, the Australian newspaper labelled managing director Mark Scott and chairman Jim Spigelman as “polite progressives” before succinct criticism claiming them as: “needy fathers who keep funding the digital dreamscapes of furry hipsters and the denialism of middle-aged Triple J-sters”.

The upshot is the ABC is seemingly happy to abandon outposts such as Tassie in favour of circling the wagons around its Ultimo, Sydney, headquarters.

Underlining the view that Scott and Spigelman are “urban sophisticates”, the national daily suggested that, although the pair lack rural street cred, they “wouldn’t be lost at a fine eatery in Sydney or Melbourne.”

Perhaps, dare we say, consuming fine Tasmanian wines while discussing the virtues of cheese made from unpasteurised Tasmanian milk.

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Robertson Park toilets take back seat again as council defers application

DESPITE previously settling on a location and lodging a development application, the Robertson Park toilets are still no closer to being built after the DA was deferred on Tuesday night.
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Council staff recommended approval for the block on the McNamara Street side of the park, southeast of the rotunda, however, councillors decided to defer the matter after Mojo Events and Promotions representative Simon Rollin, Orange Region Vignerons Association president David Crawley and FOOD Week president James Sweetapple voiced their concerns about losing valuable stallholder and seating space at night market events.

“The location in the middle of the park would impact our existing site layout. It’s a premier part of the event space,” Mr Rollin said.

“We would still need to provide temporary facilities, they wouldn’t provide the level of amenity we need.”

Mr Rollin suggested a better location would be near the CWA hall, or directing people to the Visitor Information Centre.

Councillor Neil Jones moved for the deferral in response to the concerns.

“For the first time, to my knowledge, we’ve heard from a group who are major users of Robertson Park. We haven’t explored that issue enough,” he said.

Councillor Reg Kidd said discussions needed to be reopened with the CWA to investigate.

“I was part of [earlier] negotiations with the CWA and people in the CWA group didn’t understand what it was all about,” he said.

“When I talk to members individually, they say that’s a great idea. They might have thought people would come in off the street, straight into the CWA hall, but that’s not true at all.”

Councillor Russell Turner said he opposed relying on the museum precinct for amenities.

“Byng Street is as busy, if not busier, than Summer Street. It’s totally dangerous to expect people to cross Byng Street,” he said.

Councillor Glenn Taylor, who has advocated for the toilets since 2001, did not speak during the debate and left the meeting promptly after the decision.

Robertson Park has had a long history of dunny dramas and here is but a taste:

2001: Councillor Glenn Taylor begins the push for toilets in Robertson Park.

2005: Toilets discussed, but eventually placed outside St Vincent de Paul Society building.

May 2011: Cr Taylor again raises the need for a facility in the park.

October 2011: Concept plans drawn up for stand-alone facility.

November 2011: Facility discussed, but project stalls when councillors suggest starting negotiations with the CWA.

February 2012: Councillors reject proposal for a pre-fabricated building and vote to re-open negotiations with the CWA to upgrade the CWA hall and open its toilets to the public.

March 2012: The CWA maintains opposition due to social implications.

January 2013: Development application for a three-cubicle automatic toilet block on McNamara Street put on display for public comment.

March 2013: Location opposed by former councillor Richard Niven and the police, the council puts off a final decision.

December 2013: CWA receives $10,000 to upgrade its facilities, secretary Deborah Marr says negotiations with the council for a toilet block are under way.

April 2014: The council and CWA reach an in-principle agreement for the CWA to consider supporting the location a toilet block near the CWA hall with a separate entrance, however members vote it down.

July 2014: Councillors support in favour of lodging a development application for a block along McNamara Street.

December 2014: Councillors defer a decision on the development application after objections from night market organisers, in order to pursue further discussions with the CWA.

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